Colbar Art is one of a small number
of producers of high quality acrylic sculptures. Colbar Art has developed a new reproduction method using acrylic;
a technology available only in the United States, providing the US with an advantage in the field of art.

Colbar Art was founded by Ovidiu Colea, who came to the United States in 1978.
As a child in Romania, Ovidiu spent most days listening to Radio Free Europe and his father's many stories about the Statue of Liberty. The company won the exclusive license from the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation to make official replicas of the Liberty Statue for its Centennial Celebration.


Colbar is the largest manufacturer of Liberty models in the world.

It is no secret labor costs are lower elsewhere, but Ovidiu insists on keeping Colbar Art in the United States. Colbar employs more than 20 full time people, most of whom are immigrants.

It is important to Ovidiu to give something back to the country which afforded him such wonderful opportunities. It makes little sense to him to make the Statue of Liberty in a country where there is no liberty or no Statue of Liberty. By keeping jobs in the United States, he is doing his share to keep the American Dream alive.

Our Advantages
Colbar Art specializes in sculpting, casting, custom mold making and fabricating. We also specialize in casting Crystal Clear® resins.

Custom work is the hallmark of our manufacturing facility, offering unique fabricating services for projects throughout the globe. Our talented staff create unique solutions for products in every area of focus in our business.

Our commitment to highest quality craftsmanship is evident in our: