Colbar Art is one of a small number of producers of high quality acrylic sculptures. Colbar has developed a new reproduction method using acrylic; a technology available only in the United States, providing the US with an advantage in the field of original artworks.

Ovidiu Colea's Major Projects
The following photos show some of the major pieces that Colbar Art has done over the past years. They range from small pieces to large pieces
of artwork. Colbar has a reputation for being the best of the best, there is no job too little or too small that Ovidiu Colea hasn't tackled.

Jida Wang Collection
All of these following art works can be purchased directly from Colbar Art. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing one
of these lovely pieces of art.

> Michael Wilkinson
Artist and Sculptor Michael Wilkinson's work resonates with, and affirms the highest yearnings of the human spirit. Besides working in bronze, Wilkinson became interested in clear acrylic, finding in its optical properties new possibilities for conveying the ideas central to his art.

> Paula Hayes